Learn more about the ViSiDeL, its goals, and its methodology!

The Visualization, Simulation, and Design Laboratory!

The ViSiDeL lab is a research lab group managed and comprised entirely by Clark Atlanta University 's Dual Degree Engineering students and faculty. The ViSiDeL has a rich and varied history; It has and continues to develop solutions and advancements for emerging techologies for use at both CAU's campus and at it's many partnerships.

Our Mission

The ViSiDeL research unit of Clark Atlanta University has a strategic mission to develop exploratory software and instrumentation for simulations.

  • To develop integrated visualization, simulation and design educational and research programs that respond to compelling scientific, computing and engineering design needs.
  • To promote multi- and inter-disciplinary science and engineering research projects that will enhance the international commercial and space-exploration competitiveness of the U.S.
  • To enhance faculty/student collaborative efforts in new virtual-reality methodologies and techniques.
  • To attract the best students and faculty to science and engineering, and provide the motivation and support needed to assure their success and participation in the U.S. scientific workforce.
  • To promote the participation of minority scientists and engineers in Army projects on Smart Materials, Structural Systems and Distributed Interactive Simulation.


  • Concurrent Engineering Approach to Problem Solving
  • Simulation and Modeling of Complex Engineering Systems
  • Enabling Technologies