Explore the ViSiDeL's various reserach areas and focuses!

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

The ViSiDeL has been contributing valuable research relating to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies since before the turn of the century. This area remains a main focus of the lab, as it continues to develop software and applications that broaden the technology's scope and address many unsolved issues within the field.

VR, AR, MR research topics:

Design Oriented Interactive Simulation Environment

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulation

CAD/CAM/CAE/GIS application to Construction

Virtual Space - Virtual Classroom / Office

Data Visualization Evaluation Testbed

Mixed Reality Holographic Projection

Mixed Reality 3D Modeling and Remote Printing

Mixed Reality Energy Assessment and Monioring

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The ViSiDeL is committed to using and building techonology in ways that promote global sustainability. Renewable energy (and how to use that energy efficently) is a major focus of the laboratory, especially regarding solar energy and the software/hardware used to implement it.

Solar Energy

The lab's research and development surrounding solar energy includes each step of the solar panel installation process.


Determining the feasibility and efficiency of solar projects through in-person and remote site analysis


Researching and developing cutting-edge technology and practices to produce high-quality solar panels


implementing advanced monitoring systems to track solar panel efficiency, performance, and overall energy output

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Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

The ViSiDeL is driving Clark Atlanta University towards the vision of a truly smart campus. By seamlessly integrating an array of interconnected smart devices, ViSiDeL is at the forefront of transforming the university into an innovative, digitally-enabled, and cyber-secure environment.

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